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제품명 SmartView Pro Imager System
브랜드 Major Science
보관 상온
Cat.No.   Product Description Size 장바구니/견적요청/기타문의
UVCI-1100   SmartView Pro 1100 Imager System (standard version)      



* 고사양의 해상도 - 5MP Scientific GradeCamera                                                                      
* 초점 맞출 필요없음- pre-focused lens and needless-to-touch camera                                 
* Auto/ Manual Exposure - 편리하고 쉬운 조작
* Innovative cabinet  - 내장형 UV transilluminator drawer
                               - 안전을 고려한 shut off switch 와 viewing port                                         
* High UV efficiency - UV light 사용에 있어서 최적화된 refletor design
* Large Field of view - 21cm x 26 cm viewing area
* 안전성/ 내구성 - 고품질의 UV cover 와 filter 
                         - Gel cutting / longer time observation 을 위한 blue light module 선택 가능
* Blue light module 과 white light table 사용 가능 (선택 사항)
* Analysis Software 포함 - 편리한 data analysis (무료 제공)
* 바로 사용 가능 - Ready to connect to PC/ iPad out of the box
* Portable - 편리한 data sharing/ discussion (Wifi version)


 Cat. No.    UVCI-1100 
 Camera/Lens    5.0 megapixel Scientific Grade Camera 
 Apeture    Max. f/1.2 
 Max. Viewing size    Approx. 10.24” x 8.27” (260x210mm) 

  Pull out UV transilluminator for visualization and band cutting White light table (optional) for colorimetric applocations

 Illumination    Epi-blue (optional) and white light (standard), 312nm UV transillumination 
 Filter    Etbr filter (standard), SmartView amber filter 560 and 580 nm (optional) 
 Image Storage    PC 
 Connection    USB to PC 
 Safety Device    Safety cut-off switch when door is open 
 Special feature    Pre-focused lens for one touch image capture 
 Image capture SoftWare    Yes, included 
 Gel Analysis Software    Yes, included
 Construction of Material    ABS front cover with fire-proof material 
 Dimension    W16.14" x D15.94" x H22.44" (W410 x D405 x H570 mm) 
 Weight    Approx. 55lb (25kg) 
 Voltage    100-230V~. 50/60 Hz, 5A 

  CE & FCC 



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 UVCI-1000-WL    White light table for SmartView Pro Imager system, 1000 series 
 UVCI-1000-BL    Blue light module for SmartView Pro Imager system, 1000 series 
 UVCI-1000-F1    SmartView Pro viewing window amber filter, 560 nm, 1000 series 
 UVCI-1000-EB    SmartView Pro Imager System, Etbr filter, 620 nm 
 MBE-IMG-F1    SmartView amber filter, 560 nm 
 MBE-IMG-F2    SmartView amber filter, 580 nm 
 UVCI-1001    Blue light module package A, includes blue light module, viewing window amber filter and smartView 560 nm amber filter 
 UVCI-1001    Blue light module package B, includes blue light module, viewing window amber filter and smartView 580 nm amber filter