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제품명 Fermentor- Double Jacketed Dish Bottom Vessel
브랜드 Major Science
Cat.No.   Product Description Size 장바구니/견적요청/기타문의
FS-01-A03P-110/220V Complete Thermostat Fermentation System for 3L Double Jacketed Vessel, 110V 220V      
FS-01-A05P-110/220V Complete Thermostat Fermentation System for 5L Double Jacketed Vessel, 110V 220V      
FS-01-A07P-110/220V Complete Thermostat Fermentation System for 7L Double Jacketed Vessel, 110V 220V      
FS-01-A10P-110/220V Complete Thermostat Fermentation System for 10L Double Jacketed Vessel, 110V 220V      



  • Double jacketed vessel provides sophisticated temperature control

  • Pitched-blade impellers designed for fragile cell lines

  • Color touch screen and graphical user interface for easy operation

  • 2-stage DO cascade for precise DO (Dissolved oxygen) level control

  • Real-time trend data recording ensures best fermentation performance

  • Ethernet remote control ability allows you navigate and operate your fermentation process from your desktop

  • No additional software required

  • Low voltage DC brushless motor

  • Quick connectors for easy operation

  • 4 built-in assignable and programmable peristaltic pumps for automatic pH, antifoam and feeding control

  • Automatic process allows you to set up your 15 steps programmable control

  • Manual process allows you to run individual parameters independently

  • Gas mixing station (optional) provides essential gasses such as CO2 and O2 for your mammalian culture 

  • Full accessories are offered as a standard package




 Working volume (Liter)               3L          5L         7L         10L     
 Total volume (Liter)  3.8  6.8  8.9  13.4
 Material  Borosilicate glass / 316L stainless steel for headplate and all fittings   

Control Unit  Control panel  10.4" Color touch-screen interface
 Communication port  Remote control through Ethernet
 Data export through USB port
 RS-485 port for system extension
 Program storage  Up to 59,994 process programs
 Log data storage  Up to 100 process monitoring data files
 Cabinet material        ABS front panel and painted iron housing
 Dimension  Footprint: W x D = 400 x 500 mm (15.75" x 19.69")
 Height = 740 mm (29.13")
 Rated voltage  110V~/220V~ ; 50-60 Hz
Aeration  Inlet gas flow-meter  0, 1-10 LPM                     0, 2-20 LPM
 Sparger  Orifice ring
 Baffle  Removable 316L stainless steel baffles
Temperature  Control system  Thermostat system
 Built-in heat exchanger (400W heater / water circulation pump)
 Automatic cooling water valve
 Range  5°C (41°F) above coolant up to 60°C (140°F)
 Resolution  0.1°C
 Probe  Platinum RTD probe (Pt 100)
 Control mode  Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control
Agitation  Drive  Removable top brushless motor
 Speed range  Two agitation speed ranges:
a. For extremely shear-sensitive cell line: 30-300 rpm 
b. For fermentation and cell culture: 30-1200 rpm (3-7L), 30-700 rpm (10L)
 Resolution  1 rpm
 Impeller  Two impeller types:
 a. For shear-sensitive cell culture: 2 pcs of adjustable Pitched-blade impeller (standard)
 b. For fermentation: 3 pcs of adjustable Rushton-type impeller (optional accessory)
 Note: Customized impellers are available
 Control mode  Manual or Programmable 15 steps PID control



 Range  2 -14 pH
 Resolution  0.01 pH
 Probe  Gel-filled electrode: Autoclavable
 Control mode  Manual/ Acid Start/ Programmable 15 steps PID control with adjustable deadband








 Range  0 - 200%
 Resolution  0.1%
 Probe  Polarographic DO sensor; Autoclavable
 Control mode    2-stage DO cascade response: (operate under manual or process mode)
 a. Increase or decrease agitation speed
 b. Oxygen enrichment module (optional device required)
 c. Gas mixing station module (optional device required)
 Substrate feeding strategy


 Measurement range  -/+ 2000mV
 Resolution  1 mV
 Probe  Gel-filled electrode: Autoclavable



 Probe   316L stainless steel protector with insulated teflon tube
 On/Off control


 Peristaltic pump


 Pump number  4 Built-in pumps; fifth external pump (optional device required)
 Motor type  Precise stepping motor; minimum speed is 1 rpm
 Speed Range  0 - 65 rpm
 Resolution  1 rpm
 Control Mode  Manual or Programmable 15 steps feeding control
 Pump can be assigned for Acid, Base, Antifoam and Substrates


 Device Type  316L stainless steel condenser

Utility Requirement

 Power Source

 100-120V~50-60Hz or 210-230V~50-60Hz with electrical safety cutoff switch

 Water Source

 2 Bar maximum (29 psi); water supplied to fermenter must be at least 15°C below set point operatin temperature

 Air Source

 1 Bar maximum, must be dry, oil-free and filtered
 For 3-5L, minimum pressure 0.1499 kg/cmand air flow rate 60L/min 
 For 7-10L, minimum pressure 7.0 kg/cmand air flow rate 120L/min


 Autoclave; size of autoclave inner chamber must be able to accomdate vessel with attached condenser

Thermostast System with Double Jacketed Dish Bottom Vessel includes:
 Controller  Thermostat System Controller
 Built-in rotameter
 4 x built-in pump head
 Vessel  Double jacketed vessel (includes glass body, head plate, T handing bar, 2 probe adaptors)
 2 adjustable Pitched-balde  impellers
 Baffle assembly
 Condenser assembly
 Air sparger assembly
 Motor  Agitation motor
 Probes  1 x pH probe and 1 x pH cable
 1 x DO probe and 1 x DO cable
 1 x Temperature probe and 1 x Temperature cable
 1 x Foam/Level sensor and 1 x Foam/Level sensor cable
 Start-up Kit Includes 4 x 250 ml Glass Feeding Bottles, 1 x 500ml Glass Feeding Bottle, 10 x 45 mm 0.2 µm, Autoclavable Disc Type Filters, 15 x Connecting Tubes, 12 x Silicon Tubing Clamps, 25 ft of 1/8 inch (3.2 mm) Silicon tube, 1 x Handy Burner, 1 x 2 mm Hex Wrench, and 1 x 12 mm & 14 mm Double Open-end Wrench


Cat. No.  Description
 Controller (includes Thermostat System Controller, Built-in rotameter and 4 x built-in pump head)
 FS-01-110/220V  Winpact Thermostat System Controller, 110V/220V
 Vessels (includes Double jacketed vessel, 2 pcs of adjustable Pitched-blade impeller, Baffle assembly, Condenser assembly and Air sparger assembly)
 FS-V-A03  3L Double Jacketed Vessel
 FS-V-A05  5L Double Jacketed Vessel
 FS-V-A07  7L Double Jacketed Vessel
 FS-V-A10  10L Double Jacketed Vessel