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제품명 GENESTATM 100 bp DNA Ladder
보관 -20 ℃
Cat.No.   Product Description Size 장바구니/견적요청/기타문의
GA-010 GENESTATM 100 bp DNA Ladder 500 ul      
GA-025 GENESTATM 250 bp DNA Ladder 500 ul      
GA-100 GENESTATM 1 Kb DNA Ladder 500 ul      


  • Standard Marker 가격에 더욱 세분화된 Reference Band를 가진 Plus Ladder 제공 !
  • 100bp Ladder의 경우 15개의 Size 구분 가능
  • 기준이 되는 Band의 Intensity를 높여 관찰의 편의성 제공 !
  • Loading Dye 50 ul (sample scale) 까지 공짜로 제공 !
  • Mupid Small Agarose Gel 기준, 100번 사용 가능 !
  • GENESTATM 하나면 Loading 준비 끝~ !



Description :

The 100 bp DNA Ladder is designed and provided as molecular weight standards for agarose gel electrophoresis. The ladder consists of 15 fragments ranging in length from 100 to 2000 bp. The 500 bp and 1200 bp bands have increased intensity to serve as reference bands. The approximate mass for each band is 50 ng DNA, and 150 ng for reference band, in the 5 ul sample.
The ladder is dissolved in 1x loading dye and ready-to-use.
5x Loading Dye is supplied as a free gift.

Storage / Stability :

Store at -20℃. The product is stable for 1 year stored at -20℃. It can be stored at least 3 months at 4℃.
Do not heat before loading.

Protocol :

1. Load 5 ul ladder for a gel lane, and adjust loading volume according to the width of the agarose gel.
2. Use 1.5 - 2.0 % agarose, and 4 - 10 v/cm, in 1xTAE electrophoresis buffer.
3. Visualize DNA by EB (ethidium bromide) staining, or SYBR Green I.

5x Loading Dye
   10 mM Tris - HCl,
   5 mM EDTA, pH7.6,
   0.03 % Bromophenol blue,
   0.03 % Xylene cyanol,
   30 % Glycerol.